Olives harvesing at Torri Superiore

a couple of postcards inspired by olive harvesting at Torri Superiore EcoVillage

una storia piccola. shortfilm for munlab, Cambiano (To) 2015

here some images from 'una storia piccola' shortfilm for Munlab, Cambiano (Torino)

four seasons @ Giardini Cavour, Torino

four illustrations for four seasons at Giardini Cavour in Torino. artwork commissioned as gift for a teacher who thought a lot our kids. thank you teacher Gabriella for your work. thank you parents for giving me this opportunity. well done kids, playing everyday at Giardini Cavour

Torino, Giardini Cavour. Morning life-drawing

Joe & Jack 7'x39 Tv Show. Art Director. 2012-11

Joe & Jack is the show I worked on in Salthill, Galway, in the last 1,5 years @ AMAN&INK - JJ1 TV PRODUCTIONS.
I am Art Director, main location designer, color designer and bg lead artist.
Joe&Jack is aired on RTETWO and is going to be aired on ABC Australia, Canal + France, 
NPO Netherlands,  RTP Portugal, Telequebec, BBC Kids in Canada, TVNZ New Zealand, HI TEL Korea, 
YLE Finland, Disney Latin America.
Thanks Morgan for upper hi-res images :)

Bgs for Kerity la Maison des contes. 2009 Bg director @ Lanterna Magica

Characters. 2010

Napoli. BG design pitch. 2010

 I painted those and upper images for an animation feature film pitch, using provided Director's pictures.    
I really enjoyed it! Unfortunately the project didn't went on...  :(

24583 Little Creepy Wonders. Animation for theatre show by ScarlattineTeatro. with Stefania Gallo. 2011

24583 Little Creepy Wonders by and with Giulietta Debernardi, Anna Fascendini, Marco Mazza. The animation is a character's dream

Al di là del bosco. Illustrations for theatre show by Scarlattine teatro. 2007

by and with Giulietta DeBernardi, Alessandra Dell’Atti, Joseph Scicluna, Anna FascendiniThe show set is a big illustrated book. 
Following are page's sketches                                                                                                       

Home: kitchen sink, plant. Illustrations for Nella bocca della balena. Personal exposition by Massimo Greco. 2005

Ten basic baby rules. Shortfilm by Stefania Gallo. Design and painting.